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Q. As a new patient, how long will I have to wait before I see the doctor? A. Patients are placed in private examination-treatment rooms as soon as possible upon arrival at our office.  A new patient first visit waiting time can be greatly reduced by having a completed 'Patient Form' upon arrival. This two page form is available on our website for printout and completion before arrival. Q. My injury was incurred as a result of an automobile accident, will I need anything else on my first visit? A. Yes, in addition to a completed 'Patient Form' you should also printout and complete the five page 'Auto Accident Injury Information' form prior to your arrival at the office. Q. Will my insurance company cover my treatments? A. We do accept most insurances, our experienced staff will contact your particular insurance company to answer specific questions regarding payment and copay. Q. Why is the spine so prone to injury? A.  A spine must be both stable and flexible in order to support proper upright posture. This is mechanically challenging, thereby making your spine vulnerable to injury. Q. Is the SpineMED® System of Decompression for me? A. The SpineMED® System has been shown to be safe, and without side effects or complications once abnormal conditions have been ruled out. Patients with conditions that compromise the integrity of the spinal column, such as gross osteoporosis, spondylolisthesis grade 2 and above, fractures, tumors, or congenital pars defects are not candidates for Spinal Disc Decompression. Q. I had a previous surgery on my back, would I be a candidate for the SpineMED® System? A. Previous spinal surgery is not contraindicated unless hardware (screws, rods, cages, pins, etc.) has been implanted in the spine. Q. Is there an age requirement before the SpineMED® System can be applied? A. The suggested minimum age for SpineMED® procedures is 16 years. The maximum age will be determined by your healthcare practitioner, based on your health and physical condition.